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Nurse Call

Improve patient experience, keep patients safe and streamline workflow. Hillrom® Nurse Call provides a vital lifeline between patients and caregivers.


When you choose Hillrom Nurse Call, you are investing in more than a nurse call system. You are investing in a platform that supports efficient clinical workflows and will grow with you—at your pace of change. Most importantly, Hillrom Nurse Call can help you to improve patient satisfaction and patient safety.


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In the hospital, communication between patients and caregivers is not just important—it’s vital. Hillrom Nurse Call acts as a lifeline, providing a secure, reliable platform that scales across your health system. 

The Nurse Call system sends detailed patient notifications directly to your team, so they can provide quality care, faster. Automating your care environment—together with corresponding awareness of your patients’ needs—promotes a quiet environment, and can help your team deliver proactive care to keep patients safe.

System administrators benefit from centralized system management and better serviceability, which help to lower operating costs and maximize your technology investment. Your team will enjoy a consistent interface, even when they float between facilities. And we can right-size the system for your needs with standards-based integrations, flexible room designs and customizable system configurations.

Reduce Falls

Reduce falls with injury by 67% with unit-level dashboards by 67% 1


Improve Care

Spend 30% more time on direct patient care 2

Patient Experience

Improve HCAPHS scores by 30% 3

Fast Response

Maintain response time of 2 minutes or less 4

Nurse holding the hand of a reclining patient

(Hillrom Nurse Call is) an intelligent care system... Using clinical scenarios and merging them with IT to bring information to the fingertips of the caregivers and to revolutionize the way we deliver care.

Fabian Fregoli, MD, CMIO, St. Joseph Mercy Health System, AHA’s “Most Wired Innovator”

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