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Nurses' Presenteeism and Its Effects on Self-Reported Quality of Care and Costs

Letvak SA1, Ruhm CJ, Gupta SN. | The American Journal of Nursing | 2012

Healthcare providers holding a discussion in a hospital hallway.


Although research has been conducted on how nurse staffing levels affect outcomes, there has been little investigation into how the health-related productivity of nurses is related to quality of care. Two major causes of worker presenteeism (reduced on-the-job productivity as a result of health problems) are musculoskeletal pain and mental health issues, particularly depression. This study sought to investigate the extent to which musculoskeletal pain or depression (or both) in RNs affects their work productivity and self-reported quality of care and considered the associated costs.


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Care Settings: Acute Care

Clinical Focus: Safe Patient Handling & Mobility

Content Type: Journal Articles