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Capturing Respiration Data to Detect Patient Deterioration Sooner: Discussing Methods and Technology

Nurse adjusts nasal cannula on elderly male patient for continuous respiratory monitoring

Changes in respiration rate are critical to help you discriminate between stable patients and patients at risk of deterioration.

In today’s general care areas, detecting patient deterioration is more critical than ever. This webinar will discuss methods and technologies for assessing respiration rate across varying acuity levels — from simple spot check to continuous monitoring with centralized remote viewing.

The goal for this webinar is to introduce some key concepts around capturing respiration rate, particularly in general care areas.
  • Recognize that respiratory rate is the leading indicator for patient deterioration.
  • Understand the differences between two types of respiratory monitoring technologies: etCO2 and RRp and learn their benefits.
  • Learn when and how it is most appropriate to use each technology to help detect patient deterioration across your patient population.