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Understand the Importance of Airway Clearance

Ineffective airway clearance can be acute or chronic problems, and directly affect tissue oxygenation, requiring quick and resolutive interventions. It is important to maintain airway clearance in order not to fall into a vicious cycle.​

How can Hillrom Solutions help?

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Minimize the devastating effects of airway obstruction, infection, and inflammation.¹

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Decrease vicious cycles of lung injury and reduce bronchiectasis prognosis. 2

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Facilitate to have fewer exacerbations, an improvement in quality of life, and a reduction in the impact of coughing.³

Breathe Easy With Our Airway Clearance Solutions.

The Vest® System

Widely recognized as the gold standard in High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation (HFCWO) therapy, The Vest® Airway Clearance System has been prescribed by more physicians than any other HFCWO vest system. It is designed to help patients mobilize retained secretions, helping them avoid respiratory infections, hospitalizations and reduced lung function.

The MetaNeb® System

Oscillation and Lung Expansion (OLE) therapy, the MetaNeb® System combines lung expansion, secretion clearance, and aerosol delivery into a single integrated therapy session—without having to switch between different devices. Flexible 3-in-1 therapy enables seamless delivery to meet patient needs.

How to Select an Optimal Treatment​

We have two versatile therapies covering wide ranges of patients to provide the best airway maintenance. ​

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