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The Vicious Cycle of Infection

When mucus is unable to be cleared from the lungs, it builds up and creates an environment in which bacteria can grow. This may lead to repeated, serious lung infections, which cause more damage to the airways of the lungs and can become a vicious cycle of infection. This cycle may lead to irreversible lung damage and respiratory failure.

How can Hillrom Solutions help?

Minimize the devastating effects of airway obstruction, infection, and inflammation.¹

Decrease vicious cycles of lung injury and reduce bronchiectasis prognosis.2

Facilitate to have fewer exacerbations, an improvement in quality of life, and a reduction in the impact of coughing.³

Breathe Easy With Our
Airway Clearance Solutions.

Widely recognized as the gold standard in High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation (HFCWO) therapy,
The Vest  Airway Clearance System has been prescribed by more physicians than any other HFCWO vest system.
It is designed to help patients mobilize retained secretions, helping them avoid respiratory infections,
hospitalizations and reduced lung function.

The Vest System


  • Reduces pressure in the inflatable garment when paused to allow deep breathing
  • Multiple programming options for treatment flexibility
  • Device can be programmed in several languages
  • CoughPause feature allows you to program a reminder to cough

Design matters when selecting an Airway Clearance System

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Impaired Airway Clearance

Maintenance of airway secretion clearance, or airway hygiene, is important for the preservation of airway patency and the prevention of respiratory tract infection. Impaired airway clearance often prompts admission to the intensive care unit (ICU) and can be a cause and/or contributor to acute respiratory failure and other pulmonary complications.​ See the factsheet to find out how Impaired Airway Clearance impacts the Asia-Pacific regions.

To break the vicious cycle, Hillrom Respiratory Health offers a portfolio of products designed to help mobilize and evacuate retained secretions and mucus from the airways. ​


Pathophysiology of Ineffective Airway Clearance​

See how ineffective airway clearance may lead to disease progression​



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